chopsticks and carrying case
chopsticks and carrying case

They are available @Yoshimatsu Japanese Eatery now!

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Mini Library
Mini Library

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Studying Japanese alphabets
Studying Japanese alphabets

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volunteers wanted

We are looking for people to join us to give our children wonderful experiences at Tucson Japanese Language School as a teacher, an assistant, or a volunteer. No experience is required. However, you need to be able to communicate only in Japanese when you are in the classrooms. If you are interested in early education or just love working with children, this is a perfect opportunity for you!Please see the detail discription from here

Support us in 4 ways

1 : Be a Sponsor

Your generosity will help us continue to provide valuable opportunities for the Tucson community to experience not only the Japanese language but also Japanese culture as a way to expand the language ability. You can help us from as little as $20. Your contribution will ensure our students to learn in the excellent learning environment and help us to provide this opportunity to Japanese language program for our community.  Please see here for more information and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

2: Donations

We gladly accept any type of donation, including office products, stationery products and books. The most wanted items are Japanese books, dictionaries, or educational material such as Origami, Karuta, etc... If you would like to donate anything else, please contact us! We appreciate your generous contributions!!

3: Purchase air tickets

Choose Amnet when you purchase your airline tickets to or from Japan. At the time of your reservation, just inform an Amnet agent that you are an affiliate of Tucson Japanese Language School and that you would like to use the Amnet Assist Program. Your reservation must be made over the phone.



We are partnering with HIS Las vegas branch. If you purchase airline tickets, persentage will be donated to our school. Let them know you are affiliated with Tucson Japanese School. You get cheap tickets, we get money and they get money and everyone will be happy!!!


4: Support Japanese school 

@Yoshimatsu Japanese Eatery

As a part of our fundraising, Tucson Japanese Language School sells handmade chopsticks and chopstick-carrying cases. Our chopsticks are handmade by local artisan Jabra Robles. He carved and sanded each pair, crafting high-quality upcycled wood into beautiful chopsticks finished with all-natural bees wax and mineral oil without using harsh chemicals. There are available in cherries, walnuts and hard maple. Chopsticks carrying cases are handmade by volunteer parents of the school. A new design always comes in traditional and contemporary design, and you may not see the same design ever again. This reusable chopsticks and fashionable carrying case fits easily in your purse. Your habit of using disposable chopsticks and utensils can gradually be phased out using our product “My HASHI”. It’s a lifestyle change but every little effort counts towards reducing waste and harm to the earth. The Proceeds go to the Tucson Japanese Language School to support its students learn and grow. Come by Yoshimatsu Japanese Eatery, and eat local, shop local and support your local businesses today!


January 29, 2022

Japanese School holds Kanken

In view of the Covid pandemic, the Kanji Kentei was held amid strict precautions for 15 examinees in person in January. They have studied very hard till this day. We are glad we were able to conduct it in the midst of the pandemic. We should be getting the result back in several weeks. By the way, this Kanken is open to the public. If you are studying Kanji as a hobby, this exam is a great way to challenge yourself. Please contact us if you are interested in taking the test next year. We will be happy to give you advice on how to prepare for it. 

October 26, 2021

The 7th Annual Sports Day is Back!!!

Last year, we hosted Mini Sports Day last May only for existing students, but this year by putting COVID safety measures in place, we are able to invite Japanese families and Japanese learners who are under 17 years old in the Tucson area to participate in this fun event! 

Date/TIme : November 20th, 2021 9am - 12pm

Location: 1701 E Seneca St

School ground of International School of Tucson

We require everyone to wear a face mask (3 years old and up) when social distance is not possible regardless of your vaccine status, and also we require children to wear a mask all-time for certain events that social distance may not be able to enforce. Please email us to register. See you all there!

JULY 09, 2021


We are always looking for new friends and members of the community who want to learn Japanese and Japanese culture.  Please see more information about the school and enrollment in attached. We will be back to full in-person classes. There will be no online classes will be offered. 


For those who are already enrolled, there is no need to inform us of your desire to re-enroll at this time.  If you will be leaving the school after this semester, please do let us know.  


If there have been any changes to the information in your Emergency Card (i.e. contact information, medical history, etc.), we will need you to re-fill out the form. 


Please bring your tuition and enrollment forms on the first day of class. All of the required forms and information can be found on the ENROLLMENT  PAGE

March 18, 2021

Remote Learning to be Continued...

Most teachers and assistants are not vaccinated yet, and also as a small supplemental school, our resources are limited. It will be very difficult to teach in person and online simultaneously and considering we only have 6 more classes, we have decided to continue online learning for the rest of the semester. We are all looking forward to your return to campus next semester and have a fresh start. Thank you for your understanding. Contact us if you have any questions and concerns. 


Enjoy nice weather and have a great spring break.